Nuri Telecom
Nuri Telecom Announces Completion of Manufacturing Facility in Najin Energy Valley
Admin 2016.09.09

Nuri Telecom held a commemoration ceremony for the construction of 1,568-square-meter manufacturing facility at a 3442 site in in the Naju Innovative Industrial Complex.
The ceremony was attended by people representing Jeollanamdo Province Office, Naju City and KEPCO. 

The Naju plant will be used as a production base for AMI systems for export and domestic consumption requirements. A Nuri representative commented that "We will be making export production base of Norwegian SORIA project that won order of 79.3 billion won in December last year" and "we will concentrate on exploiting overseas market more and more by securing electric power companies of 19 countries".


Nuri Telecom exports electricity, water, and gas AMI systems to 19 overseas electric power companies, including 270,000 electric AMI projects by Gothenburg Energy, the fourth largest electric power company in Sweden.

From overseas exports of 1,380,000 units, overseas exports have reached an amount of 160billion won.