Nuri Telecom
The industrial sector globally consume a significant portion of the energy produced, in US it is responsible for almost a third of US energy consumption, primarily by driving loads with electric motors.

Nuri Telecom is a member of "Smart Place" a KEPCO (Korean Electric Power Company) consortium to develop FEMS Solution for a test bed smart grid project on Jeju Island in South Korea. Nuri Telecom’s AiMiR FEMS solution is being developed to reduce this power usage and its associated costs and carbon emissions.

The Nuri AiMiR FEMS solution will address following customer's needs:

  • Provide a real-time energy usage by individual loads, machines and lines allowing effective management of peak demand for the plant and automate production for optimal energy consumption across the enterprise
  • View, control and optimize plant-wide energy use.
  • Allow manufacturers to make informed decisions based on energy consumed and overall effectiveness of equipment that directly affects their production costs and impacts the bottom line.
  • Determine accurate cost of manufacturing by capturing actual energy use and add it to their bill of materials.
  • Optimize entire plant's energy consumption by gathering information on real-time energy usage from machines and across production lines.
  • Share plant energy consumption data with the utility companies.