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Appliance Control Device (Smart Plug)
2.4GHz ZigBee Home Area Network


AiMiR Smart Plug is an electricity metering and control device for electricity appliances and devices connected to the power outlet and connects them wirelessly to AiMiR Home Area Network (HAN). The AiMiR Smart Plug is placed between the outlet and the plug of the appliance. The plug measures the electricity consumption, not just the total amount of electricity consumed in a billing period, but precisely when that electricity was used and transmits the data to the AiMiR IHD wirelessly. The IHD Home Energy Management Software allows insight in the exact energy consumption, the CO2 emission and the costs, in one glance - for each individual appliance, outlet and room. Appliances can be controlled manually or automatically using AiMiR IHD. This allows consumers to collect real-time electricity usage information per electrical appliance and effectively manage their electricity consumption by seeing how and where they are using electricity and what it is costing them.

AiMiR Smart Plug is a key element of Nuri Telecom’s family of Home Energy Management System solution – a collection of products and software that wirelessly connects smart energy appliance inside and outside of a home in AiMiR HAN and wirelessly extends this network to smart meters. This networking arrangement gives consumers flexibility to add a wide range of ZigBee SE compliant smart energy appliances from other supplier to the AiMiR HAN.

  • Wirelessly connects standalone appliances & devices into AiMiR HAN
  • Active/reactive power metering
  • Voltage and current measurement
  • Load control & load management (latching relay On/ Off)
  • User programmable control and management
  • LED, Console(I2C to UART) Control and Management
  • User programmable environmental settings
    ZigBee SE compliant