Nuri Telecom

The move to advanced metering and Smart Grid capabilities is happening now. More and more cities and utilities around the world are driven by different business cases and demand from their customers for real time information so they can better control their cost, move towards streamlining the collection of meter data and use the information for advanced applications and business intelligence by deploying AMI. However, AMI implementations and management can be difficult and costly to manage in-house without experienced assistance.

That's where Nuri Telecom comes in. We can help with our holistic end-to-end AMI solution based on our experience in deploying AMI around the world, methodologies and best practices; we can manage and support everything from architecting a solution to integration of AMI and Smart Grid data with legacy and crucial business intelligence systems such as billing, customer service, field service and energy-demand management to name a few.

We've partnered with best-in-class companies that supply various technologies, skills and a well trained work force needed to build the metering infrastructure.

Nuri Telecom in collaboration with our Solution Partners has supported utilities with both commercial and industrial customers the world over. This experience is the foundation to understanding the utility needs for service and quality.