Nuri Telecom
Project Management & Assurance (PM&A)

Nuri Telecom in collaboration with its solution partners provides end-to-end project management for the Smart Grid solution deployment and integration of data with various back office systems, by working closely with utilities. Nuri Telecom uses its broad and hands on experience in deploying AMI solutions with utilities in major demographics throughout the world. We work with utilities personal side-by-side in collaboration with our solution partners every step of the way from idea to implementation.

The success of the project is ensured by adhering to Enterprise project management methodology. This provides a structured approach to program management to ensure that the interdependencies between projects are properly coordinated. They also provide the ability to monitor and control projects risks, timescale, costs, quality, and more efficient use of resources. This enables Project Managers (PM) and coordinators to apply PM skills to recognize project executing and delivery acceleration opportunities and potential delivery threat. PM&A directs and guides the project team through the initiation, planning, executing, controlling, and closing phases of the project.