Nuri Telecom
BEMS DiagramCommercial buildings are the largest single consumers of energy worldwide, where buildings and the equipment in them are running all the time. Whether it is heating up the office in morning before we come in or lights in offices, parking lots, hallways, and in other locations that are on for between 6 and 24 hours each day, or data centers where numerous racks of servers run constantly, our buildings are constantly consuming energy. Commercial buildings are responsible for approximately 20% of the energy used annually in the U.S.

Nuri Telecom is a member of "Smart Place" a KEPCO (Korean Electric Power Company) consortium to develop BEMS Solution for a test bed smart grid project on Jeju Island in South Korea. Nuri Telecom's BEMS solution is being developed to reduce this power usage and its associated costs and carbon emissions.

Nuri Telecom’s BEMS solution is a combination of building management systems and advanced software that assist in managing the building functions such as lighting, HVAC, fire, security systems and other resources in a more energy efficient way to provide demand response controls when situations within the power grid demand it.