Nuri Telecom

One of the fastest-growing sectors within the Smart Grid is home energy management. It is a key element (Energy Efficiency and Demand Response) of the utility business strategy to move to the smart grid. With the energy cost rising and demand outstripping supply, consumers around the world are looking to increase their energy efficiency and want to accomplish it as easily and simply as possible. HEMS gives consumers a path to monitor and control their energy costs.

Nuri Telecom is a member of “Smart Place” a KEPCO (Korean Electric Power Company) consortium to develop HEMS Solution for a test bed smart grid project on Jeju Island south of Seoul. The Nuri Telecom’s approach to providing a comprehensive and complete HEMS solution is to address what people want out of a home energy-management system using its AiMiR HAN infrastructure.

The Nuri HEMS solution will address following customer's needs:

  • Ease of Use – customers want to see exactly how much power they are using on a granular basis, and how much it is costing them in real time. What happens when they switch off appliances, how much electricity is costing them based on overall demand, etc. How much electricity is costing them per hour, how much electricity they are currently using, and how much their monthly bill is to date.
  • Energy Hot Point Identification - Identify major energy hogs in homes, like refrigerators, washer and dryer and especially heating and air-conditioning systems.
  • Flexibility – HEMS can work regardless of it being integrated with smart meters installed by electric utilities
  • Elegant and Simple Tools – tools to set rules for home energy, energy monitoring, take care of energy efficiency without compromising comfort, analytics
  • Future Proof – lifestyle integration and control through AiMiR HAN, integration of consumer electronics and appliance as they become available