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Nuri Telecom changed its name to \'NuriFlex\' after 21 years... “Focus on platform service business”

31.03.2021 Views:1388

Nuri Telecom held the 27th regular general meeting of shareholders on March 31 and changed the company name to 'NuriFlex' through a resolution to change some of the articles of incorporation as the main purpose.


Nuri Telecom changed its name from ATI System to Nuri Telecom in 2000. After 21 years, the company name was changed to NuriFlex for the purpose of business change and diversification.


NuriFlex has been selected as an 'energy-specialized company' by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, NuriFlex plans to focus on energy information service and energy platform service business that enables energy trading by focusing on solution sales.